Pumpkin Picking & Painting at PS9 in Brooklyn

Yesterday we went with our friend and neighbor and our little ones to PS9 in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The kids ran around the school yard, picked a pumpkin and then painted them inside the school cafeteria. Mylo has taken to calling pumpkins “cuppin.” His friend Olivia calls them “punky.” It’s downright adorable.

Picking their cuppins' and punky's!

Picking the pumpkin was a whole lot of fun but painting it was even better! The kids just ate it up. And after making a whole big (washable) mess, they then went and made a mess out of eating Halloween cupcakes!

Painting their cuppins' and punky's!

A Picasso in the making!

Playing in the school yard for half an hour wasn’t enough to make their works of art (pumpkins) dry so we left them in the cafeteria and went and had brunch at Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights. Mylo, who went to bed the night before battling some sort of virus, fought his nap and started to take a turn for the worse. Jason rushed home with him in a cab while Shelly and I walked our strollers the one mile stretch home.

Despite my little boy not feeling well at the end, it was a wonderful fall day in Brooklyn!

The finished product.



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