Mylostone – Scooting

When Mylo was 17 months old we saw a young boy who looked of a similar age, whizzing around on a scooter at the park. I asked his dad who was scooting along with him, how old he was. He was nineteen months.

A short while after, I ran out and got my boy a scooter.

Since his earliest months, Mylo has been such a physical child. At just three months old, he would grab hold of the tassels on our living room carpet and drag himself forward. At seven months old, he learned to pull himself up holding on to the TV console. So it wasn’t ridiculous of me to assume that my son would take to scooting overnight.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

As most things in our home do, the scooter acquired a name, Ergo. However there was little interest in doing anything with Ergo other than pushing it back and forth from Mylo to daddy or Mylo to mommy, down our long hallway. We would take it to the park, only to have it sit and gain the interest of every child but our own.

I was a bit surprised, not to mention that I felt a little bit defeated, too. Mylo loved to figure out how to make things operate, and the fact that he couldn’t make the Ergo work, was disappointing. I had cast it aside as an $85 house toy that looked good parked next to Jason’s bike in our spare bedroom.

But then it happened, almost overnight. He was two years and three months old. I went to work and came home to stories from Mylo’s goomah (grandma) about him and Ergo at the park. I just nodded and smiled, indulging her tendency to sometimes exaggerate, as doting grandmother’s often do. But she had proof.

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t describe what it was like to see this video of my son riding his scooter. I was shocked and amazed but I was also extremely proud and even somewhat relieved. Those feelings were reaffirmed when I took Mylo out on his scooter the next day and watched him ride away with my very own eyes.

The first week he scooted at just the park. By the second week he was out the door with Ergo in tow and scooting down some of Brooklyn’s quiet brownstone blocks. Now Mylo’s even scooting down the busy sidewalks of Court Street and Smith Street, with me chasing behind him.

He’s even gotten creative with Ergo. While at my inlaws’ house in Connecticut for the Thanksgiving holiday, we discovered a solution for our new addition who pulls like crazy on her lead. Mind you, Griffie is an eight pound dog.

Griffie channels her inner husky while pulling Mylo on his Ergo.



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