Chipotle Coming to Cobble Hill

Few things in life make me so happy I can cry. My wedding day was one. The birth of my son was definitely another. And the recent discovery that a Chipotle Mexican Grill is coming to my neighborhood brought me to tears. Literally.

It’s not like there isn’t already a Chipotle close by. The one in Brooklyn Heights is a 10 minute walk and around the corner from our bank. We normally pay (no pun intended) the two a visit once a week. But now that we’re in Cobble Hill, the Heights is kind of a hike, especially in the winter when it’s cold and gets dark super-early. So the fact that the new one is going to be just up the street from us is more than convenient.

While doing errands on Friday, I glanced through the open door and saw stools and a maroon menu board. Though still under construction, the familiar decor was unmistakable. I tweeted Chipotle shortly after, told them how excited I was and they responded, “We hope to see you around the beginning of December!”

The new Chipotle is at 140 Court Street and will be adjacent to Trader Joe’s and the Brooklyn Wine Exchange. It stands to get a gut renovation seeing how it was home to a pet store for as long as I’ve lived here. When Beastly Bites’ rent went up last year, they moved out and opened up shop across the street. This small store front has sat empty for over a year!

Posing in front of the soon-to-be Chipotle on Court St., my husband gets a kick out of my love for their vegetarian burrito bowl.

It’s a brilliant move location-wise. Sure it’s a chain, but a Chipotle in Cobble Hill makes a whole lot more sense then the Five Guys Burger and Fries that opened up in July 2011 and didn’t even survive a year.

My childhood friend and upstairs neighbor likes to hate on Chipotle, mainly because I like it. He calls it “glorified fast food.” Maybe it is, but at least it’s healthy fast food.

Welcome to the neighborhood Chipotle!!


One comment on “Chipotle Coming to Cobble Hill

  1. Vijaya November 14, 2015 7:12 pm

    I love the line, The idea is that you should know where your food comes from and etcaxly what it is you’re eating. Sooo true! If I lived in NY, I would be at Ted & Honey in a heartbeat. But, I’ll have to be envious from afar and look forward to picking up my very first CSA basket this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

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