Month: July 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot With Michele Anthony

While we were in Montauk on our second and final babymoon, my husband and I did a maternity photo shoot with the wonderful Michele Anthony. I was more than 35 weeks along during the shoot, which we chose to do at one of our favorite beaches on Long Island, Ditch Plains.

This pic is all about the dog.

I guess it is true what they say about there being so much novelty and newness that goes into the “first-born.” Being a second born myself, I will have to be cognizant of that and be sure to make the journey just as special as it was with our first…

What a special memory to have.





NYC Summer Night Series With a Cause

CityMommy, Elahi Yoga and ReziClass are hosting four spectacular events in New York City this summer for moms and moms-to-be. Not only will a portion of the proceeds be donated to YAI Network, but they won’t cost anything to attend! They’re FREE!

Each event will have excellent speakers, mocktails and munchies. There will also be shopping at boutique trunk shows that are selling relevant products, as well as many chances to win great raffles and giveaways!

The four-series event kicks off with “Ladies’ Night” on Thursday, July 21st and will feature Diva Mom Lyss Stern. Ms. Stern, co-author of If You Give A Mom A Martini, will share valuable tips from her new book. To register, CLICK HERE.

Think you’ve got yourself a gifted tyke? Then you’ll want to come out for the “SmartCityKids Special Event” on Thursday, July 29th. SmartCityKids will give a valuable introduction to NYC’s Public Schools for pre-k and up, including their Gifted & Talented Programs. To register, CLICK HERE.

Expecting a baby? Then put down your dated copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting and attend the “Sweet Pea Baby Planners Special Event” on Wednesday, August 11th. Sweet Pea Baby Planners will share expert advice on the best baby gear for you and talk all-things baby registry! To register, CLICK HERE.

And, finally, the four-part series event will end with “Mommy & Me 101,” on Wednesday, August 18th. At this special event ReziClass will tell you all about valuable classes that are especially geared for babies – such as massage, music and yoga – and of course there will be shopping, too! To register, CLICK HERE.

All four events begin at 6:30pm and end at 9:30pm and will be held at Elahi Yoga which is at 130 E. 65th St. between Park and Lexington.

As a mom-to-be (I’ll be less than three weeks from my expected due date), I’ll be at the first event so be sure to come check it out, too. After all, it’s free!!

Firing Our OB/GYN

Almost immediately after we watched The Business of Being Born, a documentary by Ricki Lake about how giving birth has become big business in America, we decided we wanted to switch from an OB/GYN to a midwife. (I write about this decision in an earlier post.)

We severed our relationship with Dr. Scott Postell at Long Island College Hospital when I was 20 weeks pregnant, despite the fact that we had not yet found a midwife, which we learned was no easy feat.

I told Jason that I was nervous about severing our relationship with Dr. Postell. Not because I wasn’t sure of the decision, but because I liked the man and did not want to hurt his feelings. My husband Jason was shocked by this. Not that I didn’t want to hurt his feelings but that I was too timid to tell him it was over. So after I was examined and I was hesitating, Jason interjected and told Dr. Postell that we were going to continue our prenatal care with a midwife.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but the doctor was a bit perturbed. (At which point I wanted to crawl and hide under a table.) But then he began to say things to us that I found troubling. For starters he asked if we thought I’d have a less chance having a c-section with a midwife. We told him yes. That in fact we could NOT have a c-section with a midwife since she was not licensed to perform such a surgery. He then said he could tell what neighborhood we lived in based on our decision to use a midwife.

Despite the fact that he just stereotyped us, I tried to save face by telling him if by chance something did go wrong during my birth, I hoped he would be the doctor on call that day. Kind of dumb, right? Here I am firing the guy because I was scared he would give me an unnecessary c-section while at the same time saying that if I did need one, I’d hope he’d do it. Ugh!

However since we’ve found a midwife – by the near-skin of our teeth – I’ve wavered some about our decision to fire Dr. Postell. Especially when Beverly recently told me she’d heard that Dr. Postell had a patient who delivered using a squat bar! I am a month away from my due date now and only time will tell if we made the right decision.

35 Weeks Prego…

Here I am at 35 weeks pregnant. Running is officially unpleasant, especially on hot days. For a couple of weeks now, we have been combining running with walking. Run three miles, walk half a mile and so forth. We are headed out to Montauk for the week… our last vacay pre-you. I am hoping to get in a run or two while out there, and then I will call it quits until you are here and I am allowed to start up again. It will be the longest I have ever gone without running, but I must say, I cannot WAIT to run alone again!